Prospective Students

Dear Flutist, viagra dosage

Thank you for inquiring about flute lessons in the Kumer Flute Studio. You have just taken your first step toward becoming the excellent musician of your dreams. Because you have an interest in taking lessons and I love teaching, pills our relationship is already off to a great start.

You will need the following items:

  1. My biography
  2. Responsibility/Policy sheet
  3. Contact me for Directions to my studios.
  4. Contact me for Tuition letter (sent each summer—includes rates, cheapest calendar and available times).

Please read all the  information carefully. Choose a time-slot that best suits your schedule then call me at (412) 241-0209 to set up an introductory lesson.

Your introductory lesson will acquaint you with my teaching style and allow me to evaluate your skills. We will discuss repertoire, practice techniques, future goals and a permanent lesson time. If a semester is partially completed at the time of your first lesson, a pro-rated budget plan will be implemented.

Considering purchasing a new flute or piccolo? Be sure to consult with me about the best manufacturers and dealers to ensure your satisfaction at the lowest possible price.

If you have any questions of wish to discuss any of these policies, please call me at home, (412) 241-0209 or email me at

It will be a pleasure to meet you, to work with you, and to help you become a fine flutist in this new generation of young musicians!

Fellow Flute Enthusiast,

Wendy Webb Kumer

P.S. Call me Wendy