Wendy’s Tips for Selecting a Flute Teacher

Finding a flute teacher can be a bit daunting, viagra approved but by creating your own profile and having an idea of what qualities you desire in a teacher, it can be an adventure to research and choose a new teacher! Seek flute teacher candidate names from your colleagues in your ensembles, your musical neighbors and relatives, your local colleges and universities, music stores and even the internet and yellow pages. If flute is your primary instrument be sure to identify a flute specialist (teachers with numerous specialties—e.g. all the woodwinds—are often better suited to students of numerous instruments). There are accessible resources in the most remote geographic areas. But, just because a teacher lives next door and has 20 openings, this may not be the best fit for your current flute needs. Get creative, and get busy!

Before beginning your search or making that first phone call (Refer to the Flute Student Defining Quiz below for assistance with these issues):

  1. Define your goals (get a higher chair; win competitions; audition prep; sheer enjoyment; to do your part toward world peace; etc.)
  2. Determine your commitment level for practicing.
  3. Be realistic about “time” allotment for daily/weekly practice
  4. Ascertain your current playing level (advanced, intermediate, upper beginner, etc.)
  5. Gather your music (for the past year or so) and have it on hand
  6. Make the call yourself if you are age 15 and up. Your parents may handle the business end, but you need to navigate and field the music related inquires

“My Personal Flute Profile” questionnaire
Answer each question with honesty and sincerity.

1. I want to take flute lessons (or change teachers) because:

a. I will get extra credit in band
b. My parents are “making me”
c. I want to attain higher levels of playing and learn how to practice more efficiently
d. I would like to explore becoming a music major
e. I want to win competitions, auditions and awards
f. I want to re-enter the playing field after taking ___ years off from my flute

2. I am:

a. Deeply committed to practicing what I do not know or cannot do well, yet
b. Somewhat committed to practicing what I do not know or cannot do well, yet
c. I can see myself playing frequently, especially those pieces and bits that I already know and do well.
d. I’m not sure how committed I will be, but the first few months of lessons will help to reveal my devotion

3. I look forward to practicing:

a. As much as possible, each day
b. Almost every day
c. A little bit each day
d. Very little—I am committed to other interests first (homework, sports, dancing, other instruments, reading, etc,)

4. Personal Information:

a. I have been playing the flute for _____ years or months
b. I am currently working on _________( books and pieces)
c. My age is _______
d. I have taken (or not taken) flute lessons before
e. I categorize myself at the

i. Beginner level
ii. Intermediate beginner level’
iii. Upper beginner level
iv. Intermediate level
v. Upper intermediate level
vi. Advanced level (upper high school)
vii. Pre-professional level (college flute major)
viii. Professional level (member of a professional symphony)

5. This past year I have been working in the following books and on the following pieces:
a. _____________________________

6. Sample call: Hello, my name is ___________ and I am interested in finding out more about studying flute in your studio. I have prepared a personal “Flute Profile”, but I would like to find out more about you, your teaching style, your philosophy and policies. Perhaps you have a website?. . . . . . If this is a good time, I have some questions I would like to ask you. (If not, make an appointment to call back)
a. What levels do you teach? And what level are the majority of your students?
b. How long have you been teaching?
c. What are your credentials (where did you study)?
d. What is your suggested length of a lesson for a student at the __________level (see #4e above)?
e. Where is your studio (studios)?
f. Do you have any current openings?
g. Do you have a tuition and /or policy sheet you could send as an e-mail or to my home address?
h. Do you or your students have any upcoming performances that I could attend?
i. Do you offer introductory lessons?
j. May I send you an e-mail if I have any other questions?
k. Are there any questions you would like to ask me? (refer to your own “profile” you made from the above list.

(from: YES! I want to practice even though my favorite show is on TV, to: YES! I want to practice instead of doing chores, to: I would love to practice but my homework and sports are my highest priorities)